Apple has launched new Apple credit card.

Apple credit card

Apple has surprised whole world on Monday 25th 2019, when they introduced the Apple Card. Apple credit card is both physical (titanium) and virtual (in Apple’s Wallet app). The card lives on your iPhone, in your Wallet app.

Apple credit card

The Apple Credit Card will be available in US this summer. The card will have some pretty exciting elements:

Advantages: no annual fees, no late fees, no over-limit fees, no international fees

Disadvantages: increase of your interest rate 

The card also offers daily cash rewards:
  • 1% back when paying by physical card
  • 2% back when paying through Apple Pay
  • 3% back when buying directly through Apple

Daily cash

Daily cash is a real cash and you can use it right away. You can send it to your friends, spend it in stores, online shopping, or pay down your balance. 

How to get an Apple card?

Well, at first you need an iPhone and you might also need some existing credit.  Apple has declined to share detailed information, especially regarding credit score. Golden Sachs has also declined to comment on, which factors they are going to be looking at, other than credit score. 

Once the Apple card is released, you can apply through the Wallet app on your iPhone. Apple doesn’t plan to allow users to sign up through a web browser. After you applied for a card, your digital card will automatically appear in your Wallet app and after a short waiting period, your physical card will be shipped to you. 

Apple has launched their Apple card on Monday 25th, 2019.

Is Apple card secure?

Apple has highlighted 4 main ways to keep the card secure. 

  • The card number – Each card has a unique number for each device. Each payment is authorized by Touch ID, Face ID and a one-time security code. Even if somebody steals your iPhone, they won’t be able to use your Apple Card. 
  • Device – Apple won’t keep track of your spendings. All the tracking happens on the device, not on servers. 
  • Data – Goldman Sachs won’t use or sell your data for any marketing or advertising purpose. 
  • Clear view – The physical card doesn’t have any card number, CVV, expiration date or signature. If you need details, you will find them in the Wallet app. This helps predict the security fraud and will keep you safe. 

Lost Apple card

If you lose your Apple Credit Card, you can order a new one without any problem. You just have to use your Wallet app to freeze the old card and order a new one. 


In case you miss a payment, they won’t slap you with a penalty. Instead, you will acquire an increase on interest, on top of your existing balance. Apple will also let you pay more often than just once a month. 

Each digital payment is authorized using Touch ID or Face ID and onetime security code. The physical card doesn’t have any numbers, which gives you a totally new level of security. Apple also won’t collect customer data, such as where they shop, how much they spend, or what they purchase.

The whole idea was implemented by Apple in collaboration with MasterCard and Goldman Sachs. As Apple says, the card represents everything that Apple stands for: simplicity, transparency and privacy. 

Apple has launched new Apple credit card.


Apple card is highlighting their impressive features. With the app, you have the possibility to see a charge, that you don’t recognize and tap to pinpoint it on a map.

Everything you buy is divided to specific categories and colors. The colors will even show up in your spending summaries, where you can easily see the overview of your spendings. Super user friendly and fun way to manage your finances. 

Every time you make a purchase with Apple card, you get a percentage of your purchase back in Daily cash. There is no limit to how much you can get, you will get now and it goes right to your Apple Cash card, so it’s almost like a cash.

In case that you are at the place that doesn’t take Apple Pay yet, you can use your physical card. The physical card is developed by MasterCard, so you are able to use it all over the world.

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Feedback from experts

Many specialists and experts said it was necessary for Apple to come up with something new, to shake things up a bit and keep more customers, or even attract new ones. Most of them said that they were a bit disappointed and expected more from Apple. They also think it’s not enough to make people jump over, especially for Android users. It might work for iPhone users though. 

Apple hasn’t launched the product yet, so there might be some changes and updates. We still don’t know the exact date and time, but it should be this summer. Until then, we can just hope they will surprise us with even more interesting features and no hidden fees. 

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