Eating habits in USA in relation with finances.

Eating habits

This is the first blog post about food and you can expect a series of blog posts with different topics, within the food industry, such as trends, tips, habits, and many more.

According to, we have spent the most in 2018 on meat products and sausages ($139 mil.), followed by milk products ($81 mil.) and confectionery ($73 mil.). We are in love with milk products (milk, cheese yoghurt, etc.), coffee, meat, snacks and soft drinks. 

We also love foreign traditional food. A few examples of popular ethic cuisines in a decreasing order ( from the most popular to the least popular) are: Chinese, Mexican, Italian, Japanese, Greek, French, Thai and Spanish. 

Most likely the biggest consumption of food in US is a typical American food such as hamburgers, apple pies, bagels, or mac and cheese. 

Fast food

We love fast food and everything unhealthy. It’s also because fast food is usually way cheaper than meal in a regular restaurant. Sometimes, it’s because we don’t have time to cook at home, or don’t want to wait in a restaurant. The purpose of a fast food is to deliver a decent quality food, as fast as possible.

However, it’s super popular, cheap and fast way to fill up our stomachs, we shouldn’t eat fast food that often. Food is full of chemicals and poor ingredients, in order to stay fresh and tasty. In 1950s only 9,7% of American adults were considered as “obese”, which dramatically increased to over 38% in West Virginia, 2018. America leads the world with the obesity rate and it’s not changing much. 

Eating habits in US in connection with several typical American types of food.

Vegetarians and vegans

On the other hand, we have noticed an increase in people who adhere to diets, such as vegetarians and vegans. A Gallup poll has found out that 5% of Americans say they are vegetarians and 3% say they are vegans. Most of them were aged 30-49 and they are more likely to earn less than $30 000 a year. Eating healthy food, full of nutritions will definitely benefit your health. You don’t have to be on an extremely strict diet. Just try to lower your calories and fat income, and be active. Try to set it up as a part of your lifestyle. Eating healthy, have a proper breakfast and do some kind of an activity. Every human body is different, therefore we cannot tell you this is wrong and this is correct. 

Vegetarians vs vegans difference

Vegetarian is a person who doesn’t eat any type of meat, or by-products by animal slaughter. Their substitute is lots of fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts and so on. Some even consume eggs and dairy products as an inclusion. 

Vegan diet is most likely the strictest form of vegetarianism. The point is to exclude any type of animal exploitation. A vegan diet not only excludes animal flesh, eggs dairy products, but also honey, gelatine, whey, casein and even some forms of vitamin D3. 

What are the eating habits in US, how did it change and what we should do.

Prices of meat products, fruits and vegetables are quite expensive in USA. You may find it difficult to finance your daily consumption of food, especially if you are having a specific diet. It doesn’t matter if you are vegetarian, vegan, or you eat anything. Specific diets are commonly known as difficult to finance. That’s when specific reward credit cards come in handy. You can get a lot out of credit cards if you choose the right one. You can even take a small personal loan if you are competing, or the diet is beneficial for your job. 

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