A brief economic outlook of House of Banks

A brief economic outlook for 2019

The U.S. economic outlook is performing well, according to the key economic factors. Key economic factors are a set of fundamental information of a business or a country. They may vary between countries and businesses, but most common ones are labor costs, interest rates, GDP, management and government policies. Probably one of the most important factors is GDP – Gross domestic product, which is expected to stay between 2 to 3 percent in 2019. Unemployment and inflation will most likely remain the same. 

One of the Trump´s promises was to increase economic grow to 4 percent, which can create a so called “boom effect”, that leads to a damaging bust. It can be very dangerous for the U.S. and its economic situation. Cards are on the table and now it´s up to Trump what cards he is going to play. 


According to the Federal Open Market Committee in December 2018, GDP growth should fall down to 2,3 percent this year from almost 3 percent in the last year. The forecast says it should fall even more to 2 percent next year and 1,8 percent in 2021. The forecast is influenced by Trump´s economic policies. 

The unemployment rate is expected to change very little, by 0,1 or 0,2 percent in next years. It means unemployment will go down and more people should be able to find jobs, which is exactly what U.S. economy needs. 

Inflation is expected to remain the same, 1,9 percent and will rise to 2,1 percent in 2020 and 2021. This will most likely influence the interest rate to more decent levels. 


All in all, 2019 is about an economic growth and more opportunities for people who need them. There is plenty of speculations regarding the trade war and Trump´s promises. Eventually, we always need to have some cash saved, in case of emergencies, but we should also all help and support the functioning of our economy. The best way for our customers to go, is to invest in themselves, in every way. Be honest and humble to yourself, do not be afraid of changes and adapt to the situation. Start things now that you have always wanted and do not wait for them to disappear.

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