there are many easy and fast ways to get out of debt

Top 5 Tricks to get out of debt in 2019

How to get out of debt

Getting into a debt is super easy, but getting out of it can be extremely hard. You can spend hours searching for the right article or advice how to do that. Instead, rather find needed information here. 

In 2017, the average American carried $6 354 in credit card debt, $24 700 in non-mortgage debt and over $34 000 in student debt. All of the numbers are extremely high, especially looking at student debt, which is very common type of debt, whereas young students tend to borrow money to go for a college.  Statistics have been collected by Experian

Debt is generally known to have a huge impact on human´s behavior and mind.

People tend to get very stressful and get feelings of anxiety, shame or even guilt. If they have been in a debt for a longer period of time, they start feeling trapped, hopeless and alone.

All of these feelings can influence their mental health in a very bad way, which do not have to be visible at the beginning, but can start showing up in a later stage. By having a huge debt, you cannot really live prosperously. 

Unfortunately, there is no instant solution for it and it requires more time to work on it. However, we have a few tricks how to change it if you work hard and change your point of perspective. It may vary from person to person, but most of them should work. Just give it a try.


One of the main factors that people do not realize is attitude. If you think that you are never getting out of it, you won’t. You have to believe in yourself and be persistent. Do not give up after first try, but stand up, try to figure out what you did wrong and try to find a way how to solve it. Try to work on yourself, why did you end up where you did and don’t blame others for your mistakes. If you think positively, work hard and think smart, it´s all going to be okay, sooner or later.

Don’t forget to overcome the fear of your debt. The fear of your debt can create a block on the way of paying back your debt. So do not stress out too much about it and rather find a solution for your problem.

Think positively if you want to get out of debt

Small debts

Apparently, you are not able to pay all your debt back, but you have to start somewhere and pay it back somehow. A good way to start with, is to pay back all your small debts. It’s definitely gonna help you with financing of your total debt and motivate you to pay off the rest. Consider a debt snowball, which is basically paying off small debts, to build a momentum.

goal review on a paper to help you get out of debt

Track your progress

Keeping track of your debts keeps you motivated and up to date, so you know how your finances are and how much you have paid at all times.

You should also identify the milestones you want to reach throughout your debt repayment journey to track your progress/success.

Find a buddy

Ask a friend, family member or girlfriend/boyfriend for a help with debt repayment process. It will help you maintain the accountability and stay more motivated. Obviously, you should find a person who will help you and motivate you, not the other way around. It´s super easy to get pulled down by someone, so choose wisely. People tend to give up more easily when doing it on their own. 

Paying by cash

You are probably thinking it´s a bit weird, but paying by cash could help you actually see how much you spend. Basically, we loose track of our spendings by just swiping credit cards. We see the amount of money on the screen, but it’s hard to understand/realize how much it is, until you have it in your hand. Try to pay everything by cash for some period of time, for instance 2-4 weeks and write down how much you spent and what for. It has helped many people before and it might help you as well. Just try it out. It´s not gonna cost you anything. 

There is lots of ways to get out of debt in 2019

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Hope, you liked our article and you are going to benefit from it while paying off your debt. Do you need money now to finance your debt?  Don’t forget to check out our blog posts and articles to get more knowledge regarding financing. If you are looking for debt consolidation, then check out our article. 

If you have any questions about getting out of debt, do not hesitate to contact us. Nothing is better than a feeling of debt free – you do not owe anything to anybody. 

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