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OppLoans offers more affordable personal loans to help build your credit. Fast funding means that they will get you the money you need. The application is extremely fast and easy and you are able to receive the money next business day. Cheaper and safer lending – payday loans carry an average APR of 400%, meanwhile OppLoans offers 99-199%. One of the strongest advantages of OppLoans is their customer service. It’s a super friendly one-on-one support.

Online loans – find them here. Compare online loans easily and choose one that suits you the most. See House of banks´ overview of online loans and use our user friendly portal. We are ready to help you find quick loans and compare them with other online loans. You have the possibility to ask for a loan from your mobile phone, tablet or a pc. We offer several types of online loans starting at $ 2 000 up to $ 100 000.

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Online loans

Taking a loan through is super fast and easy. Whether it is a personal loan, car loan or quick loan, our goal is to help you find the best online loan on the market. The reason you are taking a loan is totally up to you. We are not asking you to tell us your life story, but we want to help you, to achieve whatever you want to. Compare online loans through House of Banks, where the most attractive loans are located at the top.

Online loan

A loan is an agreement for a temporary transfer of cash from its owner (bank or lender) to a borrower (you). The borrower is obligated to pay the amount back, within the period of time they agreed to. Every loan comes with terms of the agreement, such as interest rate, credit score, loan amount and period of time. An online loan is a great way to finance your business, or personal interests.

Online loans - advice

Before you borrow money, our advice is to always examine your options. There are many types of loans and each have a specific purpose, based on your situation you are in. It might be, that you are looking for a loan with no collateral, car loan or something completely different. Therefore, a good start is to get an overview of which providers are on the market and what they offer. 

We also recommend to read our blog posts section, in order to find our more about finances and stay updated. 

Online loans - advantages

Being digital is nothing new to us. We have been adapting to all products and services online for past several years. There comes many advantages with digitalization and we mentioned some of them just for you.

  • Fast and easy – Everything is available online, we are all online. You can find almost everything on internet nowadays and this is a great advantage, while taking a loan. It makes it super easy for you to find the best loan provider and the application process is quite short. It certainly depends on the type of a loan, but you should receive your loan within few days.
  • Convenient –  You have the opportunity to take a loan from your home. You can do whatever you like to do, watch a TV, read a book or cook and you can easily apply for a loan within a few minutes. 
  • Security – Online loans do not require any type of security. What lenders and providers are going to look into is your age and credit score mainly. 
  • Easy approval – Online providers or lenders do not usually require anything special, unlike banks, where you have to personally go and find out more. 

Online loans - disadvantages

There is always going to be a disadvantage, when taking a loan. Usually it’s a high APR, or high credit score requirement. When you think about it, it’s not really a disadvantage. If you read carefully all information before applying for a loan, there is nothing else that can surprise you. As we already mentioned before, we do not like any hidden fees, therefore we do not have any hidden fees for you. We know some of you like surprises, but this is not a surprise you would like to get. 

Why, what and how

Do you Need a loan?

There is lots of reasons to take a loan. 

Whether you need to pay your bills, want to invest in something, or any other reason that requires a bigger amount of money that, you don’t have with you at the moment. 

Luckily, House of Banks is here to help you find and compare the best online loans. You have several options to choose from, depending on your preferences and criteria. 

Simply search for a loan that you need, compare it with other online loans and apply for it in a few minutes. 

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Why House of Banks?

A few years ago, people were not used to take online loans. It seemed to be shady and nobody had a real experience with it. Obviously, everybody was afraid to do that. Time changes everything and people do as well. It started to be a more common thing to do and people started to realize, how fast and easy it is. Nowadays, most of the people taking online loans, are using an online service instead of going personally to a bank. It takes a lot of time and effort which has been super important in the past few years. 

You are probably asking yourself right now; Why should I go through House of Banks, not somebody else? How are they different from others? Should I really trust them? But I need money. All of these questions are typically asked by many of us before taking a loan. Well, of course we are trying to help you find the best online loans and deliver the best service for you. 

However, our main goal is to keep our customers happy at all times, meaning that we help our customers throughout the whole process and especially after that, when they still might have some questions. We want them come to us and use our service and products again. Great customer relationship is one of our main priorities and that’s what is lacking in other companies on the market.

Fast and easy

Nobody likes waiting. Neither do we. That’s why we offer online loans where everybody has a possibility to find it. Do not waste time going to a regular bank, waiting in a line for hours and then you find out that, they do not have a right product for you. 

With us, you can do everything from home or wherever you are. It´s just a matter of few minutes. It´s really fast and easy and especially, we are not trying to cheat on you with hidden fees, that you realize after you took a loan. 

With HoB, everything is as it is written on the website. In case you cannot find an information or just want to ask something to make sure, you are more than welcome to contact us.

Find a loan

Compare online loans and find the one that suits you the most.

Get assistance

Get full assistance with HoB throughout the whole process and even after that.

Come back

Everything was as you expected? Didn't have any problems and HoB helped you with everything? Come back and use our products and services again.

Still not sure?

It´s totally fine to feel unsure about something, especially when taking a loan and big responsibility with it. Some people do it differently. They take a smaller loan just to see how it goes and if they can pay it back without any issues, then they decide to take a big loan which they wanted to take at the first place.

 We are not saying it´s a right way to do it, but it might be the option for many people who are not sure if they are going to be able to pay it all back.

Even though you should be able to find all the information needed here,  we are here if you have any additional questions. 

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Types of loans

There are several types of online loans depending on customers’ needs. We have mentioned 4 of them, which are usually the most favourite types of online loans. 

Personal loans

A personal loan is a loan for an individual person for his/her own use, borrowed from a bank, credit union or an online lender. Typically the amount of borrowed money is being paid back in 2-5 years (depending on  a size of a loan) along with interest and monthly installments.  

The rates on personal loan are usually lower than the credit card ones. Always compare loans from different lenders and associations before choosing. Loans with the lowest APR are the least expensive. That’s typically one of the main factors while deciding. 

Do you need money now? Are you searching for online loans near me? Read more about these in our blog posts.

Payday loan

A payday loan is an alternative form of credit taken out usually by people with lower credit or income. Because of that, payday loans mostly have higher APR which is harder to pay back. It´s also a short-term lending and a pretty common type of loan in US. It works as a bridge for people living paycheck to paycheck. 

More than 12 million Americans take a payday loan each year. Over 69% out of them use it for recurring expenses such as credit card bills, rent and food. Based on statistics, people who are more likely to take a loan are;

  • age 25-49
  • not college students
  • renters
  • parents
  • lower income
  • living in urban cities
*These statistics were gathered by banks and other relevant organizations in US. 

Student loans

A student loan is offered to college students and their families to cover their costs. They can choose between federal and private student loans. Most of them prefer to choose the private one because of lower interest rates and better repayment terms. The APR generally starts around 3% and continues to very high of 18%. The difference is whether it´s a federal or private student loan. Federal student loans are usually around 5,05% to 7,6% whereas private ones can go from 3% to 18%. 

Small business loans

A small business loan is taken for the same purpose as personal loan – to fill in the gaps in financing their costs. The amount of borrowed money can vary depending on the reason of taking a loan. It´s a pretty common thing to take a small business loan to either start, develop/improve the company or just invest in company for a future development. Most of the online lenders require their customers to have minimum of 500-600 credit score and been in the business for a certain period of time. Some entrepreneurs prefer to get sponsored, which can be better and more beneficial, but mostly, they have to give some percentage from a company share in return or percentage from the sales

What is APR?

APR or annual percentage rate is a total cost of the amount of money you borrowed for a year. It includes the fees + interest you will have to pay throughout that period. Your repayments are the same every month so the smaller APR, the better. 


For instance you borrow $10,000 over 3 years. Including your annual interest rate as well as standard fees payable, the APR would be 5,5%. 

You would then pay 36 monthly repayments (3years) of around $301, in total $10,848.60. 

This includes the $10,000 you borrowed and $848.60 in interest and fees.

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Preparing to apply for a loan

Optimize your credit report. 

Many of the online loans depend on your credit history, which means you will not get a loan if you have a bad credit history. Fortunately, there is more types of loans, which do not care about the credit history and you can get a loan anyways. 

The credit report contains; 

  • Your employment record 
  • If you already applied for a loan and through which lender
  • Repair issues on your credit report
  • Get a copy of your credit report. You can get a copy of your credit report once a year from each of the credit bureaus. 
Improve your credit score

Having a good credit is always a smart idea. Even though you think that you won’t need it. It´s better to be prepared and take advantage of the situation. A credit score of 640 or higher is considered as above average, which won’t affect you while taking a loan. On the other hand if you have credit score below 640, you might find a few difficulties while taking a loan. Especially, without extremely high interest rates or other conditions.

Having a stable income

It´s as important for you as it is for a bank/lender. It´s not just you paying back the payments, but also it affects a loan approval. The more stable income, the better. If you have a stable income, you have higher chances of getting a loan with lower interest rate and more favorable conditions in general. 

Determine how much you need to borrow

People tend to borrow more than they really need to just to make sure they have enough, without realizing they will obviously have to pay more back.

Other half tends to borrow less money, just to save as much as possible. They don’t realize that it´s not going to be enough and then they are more likely to do some really bad and desperate decisions. Make sure you borrow the exact amount of money you need.

Certainly, it depends on the reason why you are taking a loan at the first place, but make sure you can afford to pay it all back and it will also help you narrowing down the options. 

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Bad credit loans

Do you have a bad credit, but still want to get a fair loan? Well, it might be a bit harder for you, but everything is possible. There is several offers for fair loans that don’t require a good credit score. They usually have a bit higher interest rate or something else to compensate it for. House of banks offers several types of loans based on a demand. Bad credit loans are one of them. Basically we want to make sure for you, to find exactly what you need. 

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