perfect credit score is possible

Perfect credit score

Having a perfect credit score is an extremely helpful key factor when taking a loan or credit card. Most lenders require perfect credit score to offer you the best product on the market. I will be mentioning two main scoring models: FICO and VantageScore. 

What is a perfect credit score

The highest credit score you can achieve is 850 using the FICO or VantageScore score model. You don’t necessarily have to reach score of 850 to get the best offer. Actually, if you reach 740 or above, you will most likely get the best offers on the market. Obviously lenders love people with perfect credit score and they will be more than happy to approve your application. 

What is the highest credit score

The highest credit score with two main scoring models is 850. Only a few people have a perfect credit score of 850, so don’t worry if you are not one of them. Out of 200 million consumers with credit scores, only 1% of Americans have perfect credit score. The average FICO score is 704.

In both scoring models FICO and VantageScore, minimum credit score is 300 and maximum 850. There is several factors scoring models are looking at, but the most important one is the payment history. According to FICO model, payment history makes 35% out of the final decision.

We have created a simply understandable chart for you to see the minor differences between two scoring models. See the chart below:

two main scoring models showing the perfect credit score

How to get a perfect credit score

Based on the factors above and according to two main scoring models, I have prepared a few strategies to help you increase your credit score: 

  • Pay your bills on time – This is the most important factor that influences your score the most
  • Make sure your credit report is positive – Don’t forget to check your credit reports, in case there are some errors. 
  • Keep your credit utilisation rate low – Use no more than 30% of your available credit. 
  • Limit your hard credit inquiries – In order to get a high credit score you will have to limit your hard inquiries, which means you should apply for a new credit only when necessary
  • Don’t cancel cards – Both scoring models prefer consumers who have a long credit history, so don’t cancel your credit cards without any reason

The average length of time to improve your credit score

According to CreditSesame and their survey, it takes approximately 8 months to get from poor credit score to fair credit score. Even harder to get through is from fair credit score to good credit score, which can take you around 14 months. The “easiest” one is to get from good credit score to an excellent credit score and it can take you roughly 7 months.

All the numbers above are based from the survey of 455 consumers over the course of 24 months. The number can vary and you shouldn’t stick to them. 

U.S. Population categorized by FICO scoring model

A graph of US population by FICO scoring model
US population by FICO scoring model

Many people think that age doesn’t play a big role when it comes to scoring models, but you can clearly see it in a table above. Only 2% of participants have credit score above 780. Therefore, 30% of participants, aged 50-59 have top credit score, which means above 780. It can be tough to fully understand credit ranges and its benefits, but we highly recommend it. Understanding of credit ranges and what perfect credit score is can boost your motivation and help you improve your credit score. Remember, most lenders and financial institutions require high credit score, in order to approve the application in the USA. 

Benefits of max credit score

As you already know, having the highest credit score can benefit you in many ways. It’s not necessary to have the maximum credit score, but it’s recommended, in order to get the best deal on the market. It’s not only when it comes to credit score. Do you want something, that has average rating and has low impact on you? Most likely no. The maximum  credit score is very important, however, it gives you the framework of what’s possible and it helps you understand how much you need to improve to achieve your goal. 


Having a perfect credit score is tough. However, improving your actual credit score to good or excellent is still going to make a big difference when taking a loan or credit card. Follow the guideline and you will definitely see a progress within your credit score. 

However, if you have a bad credit score or excellent credit score, we have several offers for you to choose from. Remember, choosing a right credit card can improve your credit score extremely!

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