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25 easy ways to save money in 2019

Do you also have problem with saving money on a side? Do you think it’s too difficult and you cannot afford something, you wanted for a long time? Well, we have all been there. It’s true that it can be tough saving money on a side, especially if we have insufficient income. There is several ways how to save money easily.

Our team has prepared for you 25 ways to save money.

1. Establish your budget

It’s hard to keep track of our spendings. From the first day of the month, keep the receipts from every purchase you make, both offline and online. Stack them into categories and you can easily see at the end of the month, where and how much exactly you spent. Establish the amount, how much you want to spend every week or month. If you set the maximum and you are trying to achieve it, it’s much easier than just trying to save without any goal. 

2. Have an emergency fund

Life brings unexpected occasions on a daily basis. That’s why we should protect ourselves by having an emergency fund. We never know what can happen and being insured is the best way to predict bad situations. It doesn’t have to be a lot. Based on a study we have found, every person should be having around $5 000 in savings in case of need. 

3. Use cash

Many people still find financing with credit cards difficult. If you are one of them, try to set up a budget of how much money you can spend. Put it all to an envelope and use it for your purchases. 

Every time you make a purchase, pay by cash and take the receipt. Once you spend all your cash you have prepared at the beginning of the month, you know that you have reached your limit. 

Keep calm and save money

4. Download money-saving apps

Money-saving apps are extremely helpful when it comes to financing. Some of them are even for free, with limited features obviously. If you are willing to pay for the apps to get full version with all features, you get lots of different benefits such as; coupons, discounts, cash back and many others. It’s totally worth it and every app is trying to attract customers with some special deals and benefits. You can read more about 4 best personal finance apps in one of our blog posts. 

5. Manage your subscriptions

We are spending a lot of money monthly on subscriptions. It’s $10 here, $15 there and $20 somewhere else. We don’t have time to realize it and suddenly we end up paying crazy amount of money every month on subscriptions. Try to go through all of them and think which ones you really need and you cannot imagine living without them. You can even download a mobile app, which is built exactly for the purpose of managing subscriptions

Sell your picture to save some cash

6. Make it yourself

We all spend a lot of money on things, we don’t necessarily need to buy. For instance coffee. We prefer to buy super expensive coffee, instead of making one ourselves at home. 

Imagine that you spend only $4 on a coffee a day. it’s $28 a week and $112 a month approximately. You can spend $20 a month if you buy a regular coffee and make it yourself at home. That way you will save around $92 a month and that’s just an example. 

Now think about other things where you could save even more, for instance restaurants, supermarkets, cinema, gym and so on. 

7. Sell your stuff

People have a tendency to buy things just for a feeling of achievement. We all do that. We really like something, we make a purchase, and after a while we realize, that we didn’t really need it. Clean your whole apartment/house and try to sell all the things, that are unnecessary to have. You will be surprised how much you can actually get in total. There is many websites online where you can do so, but the most favourite ones are Amazon and Ebay

8. Drink water

We all like sodas, energy drinks and any other type of drinks, which are full of sugar and sweeteners. It tastes really good, but it’s more expensive than a mineral or tap water, and it’s very unhealthy for our body. We shouldn’t consume more than 20 grams of sugar a day. If you drink one glass of orange juice (250ml), you already consumed 20 grams of sugar (average amount of sugar in 250ml is around 20 grams). Then add anything else that you consume per day. It’s a lot. 

For your own sake, try to consume less sugar in general and especially cut down the sugar income from sodas. You will save a pretty decent amount of money every month and in a year it adds up.

9. Make a shopping list

Before you go to a store to buy necessary things for your household, make a shopping list with things that you really need. That way you will most likely buy things, that you really need and won’t spend more than you want. 

Of course we want to treat ourselves with a piece of candy or whatever you like, but do we really need it so much? 

Make a shopping list to save money while shopping

10. Choose something to save for

The best way to save money is to set a goal. If you try to save money for something, that you desperately want, you are most likely to save money for it. You can either have an envelope with a title of your goal, for instance you want to save money for a new car. Write the type of a car on the envelope and set up a goal of how much you are going to put in there every month. You can also download a mobile app. There is several mobile apps focusing on saving money. One example is Qapital

11. Make an account saving

In many bank accounts, you have the possibility to set money aside. Let’s say you decide, that you want to save $50 a month. The $50 will transfer automatically to your saving account, when you receive your paycheck. This is a favourite way to save money and you actually don’t feel it that much. If the money goes directly to your saving account, you don’t have the feeling that you kind of lost it or spent it. 

Discounts have a big role while saving money

12. Check the discounts

Supermarkets always have crazy discounts. Check out different supermarkets and stores to find the cheapest option. You can do so offline and/or online. 

Offline, by going personally to supermarkets and/or read their newsletter. Online, by checking their websites, newsletters or even mobile apps specialized for that. 

13. Buy more

How can I save money if I buy more? I am going to spend more money, not less. Theoretically yes, but in a long-term period of time no. Bigger packages are usually cheaper, respectively you get more value. Also if there is big sale on something you buy pretty often for your household, take advantage of it and buy more of it. You will spend more at the moment, but you will save money later when it’s gonna cost you less. 

14. Volunteering

By being a volunteer, you gain lots of experience from different areas. Depends what kind of volunteering work it is, but many of them have benefits such as free entrance to an event or festival. Imagine there is a festival you really want to go, but the tickets are a bit expensive and you don’t feel like spending so much money on it. Do a volunteering work for them and if they have this option, you will get free tickets. Sounds awesome, doesn’t it?

15. Spend free day

If you can, have one day in a month or a week (depends on your working hours), when you can spend basically nothing. If you go out, walk or bike. Don’t use public transport or your car, whereas it’s gonna cost you something. 

If you stay at home, try to eat food that you already have at home or try to make something out of your leftovers. It might sound harsh, but many people use this technique as a part of a saving method and also to have one day when they can do basically nothing, just relax. 

A couple enjoying free time for money they saved before

16. Food prep

When cooking at home, we normally make more food, bigger portions, just in case we will be hungry later on. It happens many times, that we end up throwing it out. It’s not just a waste of food, but also waste of your money. Next time you are going to throw out some food, think about how much it cost you and how much you could have saved if you didn’t throw it out. 

17. energy usage

Another option how to save lots of money a month, is to check your energy usage. Call your local provider of electricity, water and gas and find out exactly how much you are spending and if they have cheaper option. They can offer you a really nice discount. Either they do or they don’t, try to save your consumption by yourself. 

If you are not in a room for a while, turn off the lights. Switch off your computer or a TV. Try to spend less water as well. You would be shocked, how much you can save monthly by having a control of your consumption.

18. Change your cell phone plan

Call or go to your cell phone provider to ask for a possible change of the plan. If you are a loyal customer, they usually offer you some special deals to keep you using their products and services. It’s always more expensive for companies to attract new customers, than keeping the old ones. 

Some people try a “trick” technique, which means that you basically try to trick a sales person by telling them that you are considering leaving the provider and going to a competitor. They are actually “forced” to keep you in the company, so they should give you a discount. It’s not a 100%  sure, but it’s totally worth of trying

19. Change your TV provider

it’s basically the same as with a cell phone provider. Big companies tend to have better prices and deals, but smaller companies, especially the new companies coming to a market have to attract new customers. 

That’s when they have crazy offers just to create a customer base. They are losing money in a short-term period, but they will definitely benefit from it in a long-term period. 

20. Change your internet provider

Same principle, different purpose. Most things apply on internet providers as on cell phone or TV providers. Some companies offer internet, TV and cell phone services in one package. Usually it’s cheaper than buying it separately through different providers. 

If you think your internet connection is slow, try to buy a wi-fi/network cable and connect it from the router to your pc/laptop. Internet speed is always faster through a cable than through wi-fi. 

Working out at home as a efficient way to save money

21. Gym membership

How many of you pay for a gym membership monthly and don’t go there that often, or not at all? I guess quite a lot. If you start paying for the membership, either start actually going to the gym, or cancel your membership if you know you might not going there. It’s not a huge amount of money, but it still counts and in a year you will save a pretty decent amount of money. You can also work out at home, or outside. 

22. Babysitter

If you need to find a babysitter to take care of your child for a while, try to ask your friends and relatives. You might think it’s bothering them, or you are being annoying by asking for a help. It’s not true. If they don’t have time, they will tell you they can’t. Some people (people you know apparently) would be actually happy to take care of your child, while you are gone. 

23. Birthday benefits

We all like to celebrate birthday. It’s a big event in our lives, isn’t it? We usually throw a party and invite our close friends and relatives, obviously. Some people care more than others, and it’s the same with companies.

Some companies don’t take it seriously and others love celebrating birthday and they love to celebrate it with their customers. 

If it’s your birthday, try to ask for a free entrance, drink, meal etc. 

It counts for kids mostly, but some restaurants, bars or coffee shops will please you with a free product if you prove them it’s your birthday. 

You will also save some money on buying gifts for your child if you take advantage of free things your child can get on his/her birthday

save money while celebrating your child's birthday

24. Don't check out online stores

Don’t check out online stores when you are bored. They know exactly how to make it more attractive for customers and make you to purchase the product. Unless you really need something, you shouldn’t go and just check out some stuff. You might end up buying it and spending a lot of money. At the moment of a purchase, you are maybe thinking “oh god I saved so much money”. Yeah theoretically you did. But most likely you bought something, that you don’t really need.

25. Online deals

Shopping online is faster and easier. We prefer to buy most of the things online if we can, whereas it’s easier and also cheaper. It’s a bit tricky with clothes, because you cannot try it out. The best way is to find it in a store, try it and then order it online if it’s cheaper. The sales person in a store is trying to sell you the product or service, so most likely they will say only good things about it. Meanwhile online, you can check several reviews about the product or service, compare it with other products and decide which one is the most suitable for you. 

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